Sunday, June 22, 2008

tournament of upsets...

Boy what a shocker Euro 2008 has turned out to be. Amazing comebacks and shocking upsets. Can only imagine how broke gamblers are and how rich bookies must be. Its so hard to predict an outcome of a game. Favourites crossed off the list and underdogs rising to the occasion.

Who would have thought that Turkey and Russia will be in the semifinals. Turkey with their amazing comeback from 2 down against Czech Republic to win it 3 - 2. Then Russia upsetting new tournament favourites the Oranje by 3 - 1! I wonder if one of them will make it to the finals.

My favourites this year, the Germans are still in the running. They face Turkey who is playing with a depleted team. They only have 13 fit players to choose from and most of those aren't part of the first 11. Good news I guess as it raises the chance of Germany reaching the finals. Although by the way the tournament is going, I wouldn't put it past the Turks to cause another upset.

One thing for sure is that Euro 2008 has been an amazing tournament. Hope the finals is between a powerhouse and an underdog. Least then we can look forward to a heated encounter. :D

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