Thursday, July 10, 2008

birthday weekend...

So what did I do during my birthday weekend? I had quite and eventful time actually. Started of with our mornin' futsal session. It was after a 3 week slumber so lots of energy to release. Had 12 guys so we were all over the place. After that retired home and chilled till dinner time.

Old man wanted to buy so we decided try out a new place. Ended up at RibLee's at Sri Hartamas. Didn't take any photos to review but I would definately recommend this place. Great ambiance, friendly staff and yummy selections of pork ribs! Plus they have Weihenstephan on offer which is a German beer that comes from the oldest brewery in the world. Really good stuff! *hic*

After dinner I headed to town with the boys. We ended up at The George and Dragon pub in Bangsar Shopping Center. The main reason was to try out their Strongbow cider. The last time we went over they were out of stock so luckily this time around they had some. It tasted like Anglia Shandy to me. Which is good I guess cos easier to take down but you won't know what hit you if you don't slow down. Can ask Devan to verify that. LOL. Its actually nicer to mix it with Stout so for my 2nd pint I had what they called 'Poor Man's Black Velvet'. Half Guinness Stout and half Strongbow cider. Damn now that tasted like a drink. The Guiness helps numb down the sweetness to give that extra kick. We chilled at the bar till late and headed home to crash.

The next day started off slow. Got up late and bummed the afternoon away. At night it was Sunshine's turn to spoil me. Hehe. We headed to Mid Valley for dinner. Tried out this place called Cova at the Gardens. Once again no pics for review as was busy enjoying the moment. All I can say is that I'll definately return to Cova as their food/drinks were fresh, affordable and yummy! After the lovely dinner we both walked about Gardens and then Mid Valley waiting for Hancock to start. Rather disappointing movie. After the movie ended, Sunshine and I just hung out till late and then retired home around 5ish.

So thats all folks. A great birthday weekend for me! :D

PS. I got my first Raoul shirt from Sunshine for my birthday. Even wore it on the 3rd of July to show off. Hehe. :D

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