Sunday, July 27, 2008

goodies for kate...

I haven't managed to check on Kate. I think now she would have her internals all out laid bare. I wanted to document the whole process and take pictures of every stage but sadly exhaustion got the better of me.

Work is taking its toll and every weekend I just want to bum the time away. Hate looking at the monitor at times cos that is ALL I do 15 hours a day! This weekend isn't any better as I have to provide reports every 3 hours. Arrrgghhh.

On a plus note, I had a nice chill out session with Sunshine at Old Town White Coffee. Yummy coffee and great company! After that we went to Sunway in hopes that Kakimotor will be open. I needed to get some gadgets for Kate before they wrap up the transformation. Thankfully they were and below are the goodies I grabbed. :)

First up an Apexi Auto Timer (black edition). Need this so that my baby can cool down after a run. Being a turbocharged car it the oil temperature can get crazy hot. A decent amount of idle time is needed before shut down so that the hot oil won't choke up the lines. Didn't want to be cheap for this so I got the best timer out there.

Next up was to get a gauge. This isn't something I really need as I'm having a fixed low boost setup but firstly its never too bad to have one, so you know if something is failing and lastly it looks freakin' cool! LOL. Gotta admit at times its nice to have gadgets in the car. Gives a sense of accomplishment as well as excitement.

There are a lot of gauges out there but I settled on the most important which is the Boost Gauge. Didn't really want to plonk down too much on this so I settled for the Taiwan made Auto Gauge. It looks good and it does the job. Now I just gotta figure out where do I place it for security purpose. Last I need is an ass smashing my glass to get hold of it!

Alrighty folks. Thats the lastest update for now. Cheerio...

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