Monday, February 26, 2007

dry weekend...

You wouldn't believe it, but this weekend was a dry one for me. Not a single drop of alcohol. Best part is it felt good. Real good. I guess alot has to do with the company. Hehe. But seriously it was nice not to drink. Sigh. Sadly this weekend looks like a wet one. Hopefully won't go overboard like usual. Need more dry events. Miss the days whereby we just hang out in mamak stalls or cafes. Sipping tea or fruit juices or just pigging out on good food.

I know this post and a few others below make me sound like an alcoholic, but trust me I'm not. And NO I'm not in DENIAL! Just that when I socially drink it can get a lil' too much. Am sure those that drink know what I mean. Plus sometimes its nice to drink to numb the mind. If ya get what I mean. ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

dey macha.. you're alco man. haha dont deny it. hahahahaha kidding!