Tuesday, May 01, 2007

bad day for the tigers...

Hmmm. Bad news. First the Tamil Tigers (Sri Lanka) lost the Cricket World Cup to Australia yesterday and now my last Tiger Shrimp just died. Not sure why but found him lying sideways near the Java fern. Sigh. Can't seem to find my other shrimps as well. Hope it wasn't due to me adding some new water into the tank yesterday afternoon. Think I won't be investing in Tiger Shrimps anymore. They seem to be so sensitive. Cherry Shrimps are much more hardy. Pray my 3 other shrimps are alive and kicking somewhere.

On a positive front my fishies have survived 2 full weeks now and the tank is 3 weeks old. All seems well. Hope this keeps up and I can add more after a couple weeks or so. Can't wait to have more fishies in the tank. Kinda bare right now.

Better hit the sack now. G'nite folks!

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