Wednesday, May 09, 2007

going for a break...

In a couple of days I'll be off for a short break. This time around am heading to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Been checking some web sites and looks like its pouring cats and dogs. Hope that isn't true. Sigh. Would be a waste to be on vacation and have it be a washout. This particular trip will be on my old man since he won some 4D money. Hehe. How can I say no to a free trip right?! Especially when its been like 9 months since I last went overseas.

Haven't really packed yet. Guess will be doing it just before the flight. LOL. Nothing like last minute packing. Anyways even if I did forget anything I could just buy it at Thailand cheap. Can't wait to have all the yummy Thai food. Plus heard the views are to die for. Am sure to snap lotsa pics and post em' up here.

Ok looks like time to head back home. G'night folks!

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