Wednesday, May 23, 2007

random ramblings...

I don't have a main topic to post so I'll just wing it with some random shieet.

  • One Cherry shrimp died. Saw it lying still to the side and wriggling its legs. Barely 30 mins later and it was gone. =(
  • Champions League final in about 3 hours time. Liverpool vs AC Milan. Lots of ppl are supporting Liverpool for the sake of the English game. I hate Liverpool too much to support them for anything. Even if it meant to save the damn Queen. LOL. Can't wait to see the Rossoneris whoop some Reds ass.
  • Had some good nasi lemak kukus for lunch at Restoran Subang Ria today. On the side some lovely chicken rendang and chilli fried paru (cow lung). Oh not forgetting 3 cups of lovely Nescafe ice to go with it. Somehow this is the only joint I can visit over and over again and not get fedup. Could be the company as well. =)
  • Listened to Nelly's Country Grammar in the car earlier. Been a long time since I popped that CD in. Brought back some memories of life in US, especially since I studied in Missouri. Hehe.
  • Thinking of doing something for my car. Sadly don't know what and to top it off don't wanna spend the money to do it! Such a dilemma I tell ya. LOL. Maybe a bodykit? New rims? Wish I had the moolah to repaint it. Fedup of seeing so many Ozzy Orange Myvis around. Would be nice if I could repaint it some shade of blue.
  • Haven't been drinking in awhile now. Feels kinda good. Plus helps me save lotsa money. Been eating a lot though which is scaring me especially when I've put on 2 kgs since Chiang Mai trip. Damn rice for lunch and dinner throughout that holiday. Arrggghhh.

Okay think thats enuff for today. Times up to head home as well. Gd'nite folks!

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