Sunday, May 06, 2007

tank updates...

Phew. Just got done with the fortnightly water change for my fish tank. Its already going to be one month and everything is going along great. The plants are growing nicely and the fishies are swimming about happily. Even my Cherry Shrimps are growing up and wandering about. Am very eager to add more fishes and shrimps but since I'll be on holiday next week, better to come back and add em'. Then I'll be able to monitor the tank. Don't want to add em' all now and come back to a graveyard. Hehe.

Sometimes I wish for a bigger tank. So I can add more plants, fishes and what not. Sadly I'm also aware that I won't be able to handle it. Will end up being too lazy to maintain it. I just gotta stick with this nano tank. Only takes about 30 minutes or so to do maintanance. Not that demanding and just as satisfying. =)

Alrighty best to go get cleaned up. Tea time. Cheers.

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