Saturday, May 19, 2007

new rubbers...

Just got some new rubbers for my baby. Shes going to be 30 thousand kms soon and the tyres are close to running bald. Decided to change it now and grab some trade in value on my current rubbers (Bridgestone Potenza GIII). Woke up early Friday morning and headed down to Klang. Everyone knows its the best place in Klang Valley to get good deals on tyres and rims. I had my mind set on a particular tyre, Michelin Pilot Preceda 2 (PP2).

After roaming around Klang town I manage to find the shop that was recommended by various forums. Before changing was checking out the rims on display but sadly it was too costly to change so decided to just get the tyres. Negotiated with the tauke (owner) and got down to business. After about 30 odd minutes I was good to go.

Been a day now of having the new rubbers and they feel great. My previous ones were rather noisy as it sacrificed comfort for performance plus they were getting hard. The new ones however are a mix of both and boy are they nice. Soft ride with exceptional performance. Haven't tested em' on wet roads yet but from the looks of things I won't be dissappointed. Am very satisfied with my choice. Worth the extra moolah plonked (at least RM50 per tyre).

Now my baby's got nice new threads. My mind is still considering the yummy rims I spotted but think I'll put that plan on hold for now. Way too much money needed plus will be making a loss when discarding my current ones. Oh well, can't have everything right! ;)

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