Monday, February 11, 2008

sad loss...

Sigh. What a disappointing game! After 34 years, Manchester City has finally beaten the Red Devils at Old Trafford. To top that, after 38 years they have completed a league double. Sigh.

The match started with a memorial for the Busby Babes, who lost their lives 50 years ago in the Munich air disaster. Thank you to the City fans for respecting the emotional 1 minute silence. It was nice to see both teams in jerseys devoid of sponsors' logos. The Red Devils even had the same jersey won by the Busby Babes numbered 1 to 16. Wouldn't mind having one of em' for my collection. :D

Once the game got going, the Red Devils were all out attacking. City then hit back and on the 25th minute found the back of the net. United tried to level things but never got anything solid. Sadly just a minute before the break, the Blues were up by 2 from a header by Benjani. On his freaking debut of all times. Arrrgghh.

Come 2nd half City were happy to just defend and hold the ball. The Red Devils tried to come back but somehow they never really shined. It was just a BAD day. In my opinion one of the poorest performances by United on home ground. Felt Fergie should have put Danny Welbeck on the squad and maybe bring him on towards the end. Then again he might have his reasons.

Oh well, all is not lost. We still have more games to look forward to. Hope Arsenal drop some points tonight against Blackburn. We'll definately bring it this Saturday for the FA Cup match against Arsenal. Am sure the boys will get a good drilling from Fergie till then.

Glory glory Man United!

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