Wednesday, February 27, 2008

tank updates...

Boy its been a long time since I last updated you guys on my beloved aquarium. My plan to add a driftwood was scraped and haven't really done much esthetically.

Sadly in December I lost quite a handful of the fishies and now am only left with 4 Ember Tetras, 1 lone Boraras Maculatus and 1 Cherry Barb who is from my pioneer batch and still going strong. :D

I did however add a 2 more Cherry Barbs as I found the micro fish rather dull and inactive. This could be due to lack of vegetation in my tank. Am planning to add 3 more Barbs as they are a joy to watch.

On a plus note the shrimps are all alive and kicking. Think they have given birth a handful of times although not many survivors. This due to being eaten or sucked into the filter system. :(

Will try to take some pics and update one of these days. Thats all for now. Adios!

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