Wednesday, February 20, 2008

old town white coffee at section 19, pj...

Think most of you would be familiar with Old Town White Coffee cafes. This modern kopitiam chain which has branches (77 as of 16th January 2008) all over Malaysia has been around for quite awhile now. Being a fan of Ipoh Old Town White Coffee for years, I couldn't help but try this place out when they opened up near my office. :D

As expected the highlight of this place has definately gotta be their COFFEE. From their infamous White Coffee to Hazelnut White Coffee to Nanyang Memorably, which is their take on Cappuccino I think. Love the frothy top and thick coffee flavour. Do give the Hazelnut variety a try as its really good. You can taste then nice nutty flavour on top of the smooth coffee. Yummy!

One surprise I had from Old Town cafe is their teas. I didn't think it would amount to much but one sip and I was hooked. Their White Milk Tea is quite similar to Hong Kong's Nai Cha whereby its very creamy. They also have something called Xi Mut Milk Tea which is suppose to be silky smooth, will have to give that a try one of these days. ;)

When it comes to food, Old Town does have a wide array of choices. From toasts to rice to noodles. Sadly though only their bread related stuff are nice, everything else isn't worth a try unless you are REALLY hungry. Hehe.

I have tried all the types of toasts on offer and none of them disappoint. From the heavenly French Toast to their scrumptious Thick Toast (plain, kaya or peanut butter) to their light and crispy Kaya Toast. If you want something heavier you can also give their Tuna Toast a try which is really yummy.

Now Old Town White Coffee has opened another branch near my office at Jaya One. How am I to avoid them? LOL. Both of these outlets have become a regular haunt for Sunshine and I. Even the boys love hanging out there every now and then especially when the craving for a cuppa arises. :D

Old Town White Coffee Cafe
Location: 3 Two Square, C-18-01, Dataran 32, Jalan 19/1, PJ, opposite Toyota's flagship center as well as the Section 14 mosque.
Location: Jaya One, C-1-1, Block C, Unit 1, Level B2, Jalan 13/PJ.


xin said...

i like to go there too! i have tried most of the toast on their menu, and i think their tomyam, and the noodles are quite good too.

ted said...

me and my buds go there all the way from section 9 practically every time we go out for bfast! the staff even know our fav table already haha