Sunday, February 24, 2008

poor keegan...

What a sad outcome it must have been for Kevin Keegan. He hoped to repeat what City did to the Red Devils 2 weeks back but unfortunately got himself deeper into relegation territory.

The boys obliterated the Magpies 1 - 5 at St. James Park. A double from Rooney, another double from Ronaldo and a bonus from Saha.

The Toons came into the game wanting to revenge the thrashing (6 - 0) in January at Old Trafford but somehow just couldn't up their games. They did have some good moments but not enuff to make a dent. Poor Keegan is left looking for his first win since taking in the reigns 6 games ago.

Hopefully he will be given the time to bring Newcastle back from the grave. Kudos again for the boys and a wonderful win and thank you Birmingham for holding Arsenal to a draw. Next up the Cottagers! :D

Glory glory Man United!

On a side note, would like to wish Eduardo da Silva from Arsenal, who suffered a potential career damaging injury from a bad tackle a speedy recovery. Good news is he is expected back in the game by end of this year. Wish him all the best and hope to see him back to scoring goals.

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Loganimal said...

Glory Glory Man United indeed mate!! =] Was kinda bummed they took a draw at Lyon. Makes for a nervous home game. But as long as we keep a clean sheet at home, we should go through.

Good to see Rooney getting two goals the other night too! Ronaldo's and Tevez been taking most of the goals and the limelight.

Miss watching EPL games with English commentary...didn't think I'd miss Martin Tyler, but just feels different with Korean chatter about the game =]