Monday, February 18, 2008

can of whoop ass...

Did any of you catch the game on Saturday? If you didn't then you missed out on one hellave cracker. Reeling from the derby defeat last week to Manchester City, the Red Devils rose to the occasion and tore Arsenal a new one (4 - NIL)!

Told you the boys are gonna bring it to the Gunners. Best part was the stars of the day were our fringe players, Fletcher and Nani. Always did love Cup games as the fringe players get to start and usually end up shining one way or another. If only we were still contending for the League Cup.

Nani was all over the place. Not only did he score goal number 3 but he assisted on the other 3 goals as well. A real impressive display especially after the derby loss last week. Hope he gets to start more often from now. Only downside was the showboating incident which was unsportsmanlike although I did enjoy it. Hehe.

I have to admit I don't fancy Darren Fletcher much and was dissappointed when he started but boy did he prove me wrong. Like Nani he was everywhere and he was even close to scoring a freaking hatrick. Hope he gets more chances as he has been very loyal to the Red Devils.

Besides them the other stars would have to be Anderson, Carrick and Rooney. Sadly Rooney was denied a few more goals but guess you can't have it all. Carrick was really impressive with his deft passing. I think we have found our new deputy in the center and it has to be Anderson. They boy dominated the midfield. So young yet no one could get past him. Real force to reckon with.

It was a real joy to see the Devils play on Saturday. Hope they will keep this up and take the League back. I believe the Treble is definately attainable this season as long as we avoid anymore injuries.

Glory glory Man United!

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