Monday, May 22, 2006

bye bye psp...

Sigh. Its funny how things work out. I was so eager to get my Sony PSP that I took months to research it and went about looking for good deals. Now not only 2 months after purchasing the system I have sold it. With a lost of about RM200. Looks more like I rented a unit for 2 months. LOL. After getting it I realised it just wasn't what I was looking for. The games were too time intensive plus the unit was too fragile. I didn't use it for the movies or music which was a waste. I'm not saying its a useless system but more of it just wasn't right for me. I wanted something portable, light with fun/short/cheesy games that I can play without thinking too much. Plus I wanted it just for the games which sadly was lacking under the PSP. The games rolled out were just ported stuff from Sony PS2. Nothing original came out. I also found it hard to maintain the system. The games were just too freaking expensive. Thankfully I managed to offload it before its value dropped.

It was fun while it lasted...=(

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