Thursday, April 10, 2008

burgers at tony roma's, cineleisure damansara...

Tony Roma's has been in Malaysia for about a year now. Its a popular American chain who are famous for their flame grilled pork ribs. Unfortunately we won't be able to try em' as they decided to go halal when they opened up shop here. You can however get your hands on some beef ribs which I hear is just as yummy!

I have passed this outlet in Cineleisure Damansara tons of times but it never really tickled my fancy. Finally last week while roaming about Ikano, the Curve & Cineleisure looking for lunch, Razman and I decided to give this place a try.

As it was lunch both of us didn't really want anything heavy. So we decided on some burgers. Before we ordered we were served complimentary bread with garlic butter on the side. Real yummy stuff. Sadly didn't manage to take any pics. Sorry la was too damn hungry! ;)

After deliberating I settled for the Shiitake Mushroom Burger (RM22.90). As expected in these sorta places, the portion was huge. Even wondered how the hell I was gonna fit all that in my mouth. LOL. Loved the wonderful aroma of freshly grilled beef patty, melted swiss cheese and mushrooms. The burger came just as I ordered it, medium well. Unfortunately though I wasn't happy with the meal. The burger did taste good but the patty seemed to have some hard bits which kinda put a damper on things. On a plus note though the fries were cooked just right and were sinfully yummy.

Razman was too lazy to decide so he just went with the Roma Burger (RM20.90) which is their take on the classic. Didn't hear any complaints except that he asked for medium rare but got medium well instead. Forgot to ask him if he has the hard bits as well. He did leave a happy camper so maybe not.

Guess at the end of the day, don't think I would come here for burgers. Would rather plonk that kinda money in Chillis or Burger King for that matter. Not sure about other stuff though and don't mind coming back for dinner one day. will definately blog about if I do. :D

Tony Roma's
G-29(II), G-32 & G-33, Grd Flr, Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara.


jjme said...

Trust me, don't waste your money at Tony Roma's unless you're eating it in the states or Canada.

I knwo it because I am currently working in Canada. I went back to Msia for the holidays and my family wanted to eat there.

Very, very different. Taste is nowhere near the same. Service was good though.

magmag said...

Try the ribs. Quite good :)