Saturday, April 19, 2008

god of war on psp...

Its not often I finish video games. I think in the last 20 odd years of playing them I've only managed to finish about 20 odd games. Yup only 20 but I've played hundreds, maybe thousands even. I'm the sorta player who plays for the thrill of it. To enjoy the graphics, sound, gameplay and marvel at the technology advancement.

Think the last game I finished was Call of Duty 4 on my Nintendo DS. It wasn't really that long a game, a couple sessions in the throne and I was done. Hehe. However just moments ago I managed to finish a game that kept me glued to my PSP. This game alone is worth the price of a Sony PSP! This is none other than God of War : Chains of Olympus.

Video game fanatics should be aware of the God of War series. One of the core games for the Sony Playstation environment. Every one released was remarkable in every sense. From the storyline to gameplay to pure graphics and sound. Damn it was such a rush. I never really played the other versions and wished I had now. Especially when I had my Sony PS2 cos I did have the games. Arrgggh.

Oh well least I managed to play (and finish!) this version. Wished it was longer but I can't really ask for much being a portable take on the game. The developer mentioned they aren't gonna make anymore for the PSP (too time consuming) but I hope they change their minds. :D

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