Sunday, April 27, 2008

it ain't over...

It has been 3 frustrating games in a row. First a draw with Blackburn (1-1), then another stalemate at Nou Camp (0-0) and just yesterday a loss to Chelsea (2-1) at Stamford Bridge. Arrrggh. I can't blame the boys as the games were all played tachtically and at times I think they performed really well apart from the final scoreline.

The loss yesterday was pure bad luck. Fergie am sure was gunning for a draw which was about to materialize till a last minute penalty was given. Sigh. Thats just how football is. The biggest downside from the loss would be the injuries to Vidic and Rooney. Hope they will recover before the big game on Tuesday against Barcelona at Old Trafford. Am sure the Red Devils are going all out to ensure that we are in the finals of the UEFA Champions League. Then we can have a proper match with Chelsea! :D

Glory glory Man United!

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