Monday, April 11, 2005

another good weekend...

Ahh it must be a good run. Had another great weekend. Started off as usual with a good game of Futsal. At least now I can breathe through the full 1 hour instead of choking every 10 mins. I see that as oen hellave improvement. After that headed to Bandar Utama to check out the so called 'Branded Warehouse Sale'. Sadly its more like a freaking pasar malam! All the clothing were either pasar malam grade or winter crap dumped from US or Europe. Who in the right mind would buy thick hooded sweaters, long sleeve tees or jackets in Malaysia? Its freaking 30 degrees Celcius (on average) outside! Even if we were lucky, the lowest would be around 25 degrees Celcius and that itself is still hot. I guess its more important to look 'cool' than to feel comfortable.

At night we headed out to Souled Out for dinner and drinks. It was a packed nite as the 'great' Phua Chu Kang (PCK) was visiting. Took us about an hour before we got our damn table. PCK came around 10ish and performed for about an hour. It was okie I guess and since it was free, I can't really complain. His humour has become rather stale though. As usual the draft Guiness was smooth and creamy and it made me a happy camper. Around 1am we headed out to Finnegans in Bangsar to continue our session. Saw some rather fine ladies although they were all over some crappy kwai lows. Damn gold diggers. After closing we ended at Lotus to wind down.

Sunday as always was quiet and slooooooooooow. Woke up around noon and read the dailies. After that camped in front of the telly till dinner. For dinner had some shark curry and mushrooms with rice. Then headed out to a nearby mamak to hang with my high skool mates. Just got back and its time to hit the sack. Yaaaawn. Why can't we have an extra day for weekends? There just isn't enuff time.

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derek said...

I say co-ed futsal game