Friday, April 15, 2005

happy new year...

I would like to take this oppurtunity to wish all indians a Happy New Year and hope that you have a good year ahead. I know its not an official public holiday in Malaysia but I think most would have taken the day off. I myself am on leave, not specifically for the new year, but more of just to relax.

Woke up pretty late and headed to KL this morning. Got myself a new Futsal shoe so that I won't screw up my trainers which is already starting to tear at the seems. Can't wait to try it out this weekend. Just got the news that my mate arranged a match with a college team. Hope we can keep up considering we've only started playing and 50% of us are out of shape. We have been improving though. The first few rounds were more about trying to breathe after 10 minutes. At least now we can last the whole hour without collapsing (with an occasional substitution of course). I'll update on whether we won or how bad we lose.

Good news for Malaysian Indians today. We finally got another channel on Astro. Whoopie! Considering how freaking long it took. Its interesting that its owned mostly by an Indian but we had to wait almost 5 years plus just to get an additional channel. All we had before was ONE half assed channel while there are 12 chinese channels and 3 malay channels (not including the 3 local channels which already cater to them). I guess we are just not big enuff consumers to be taken seriously. I really hope that the new cable service kicks in fast and gives Astro a run for their money. Being the only one has made them rather stuck up and some competition would definately make them rethink their current strategy. I'm sure they are already shitting bricks, hence the new Indian channel. Now they gotta wait for the new sattelite to go up before they can expand, which is roughly in July I think. That should give the new service more than enuff time to set up and expand. God bless competition.

Damn its raining like cats and dogs outside. Lotsa lightning as well. Better end here and shut down the PC. Take care folks. Have a good weekend!

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derek said...

College kids? futsal? bring it on......... we can take them and then some