Thursday, April 28, 2005

blogging ain't easy...

Sigh. Its been awhile since I had something to blog. I actually still don't. Well it depends. I did but somehow half way I thought it wasn't good enuff and dumped the whole post. Did that about 4 times now since I started this blog. At times I wonder if ppl even read this thing. I know a few of my friends whom are close to me do from time to time, but I'm more interested of the strangers. Ppl who I don't know and might never even know.

Does anyone really read this blog? Do you think I should even continue blogging? What should I blog about?

I actually do know the answers to the questions above. Simply put its to blog about anything. As long as I feel comfortable about it. But somehow it still isn't easy. Sigh.


a. said...

hey bubu! Keep bloggin, it's a way for everyone that cares about you to feel close to you.

If there's nothing to say, then don't post... the blog will always be there, and your friends will always be there waiting too. : )

My co-worker today was making pillsbury dough boi's giggling sound, and of coz I think of you. Hope everything is going well for you.

Bloggin is good, but sometimes ..there're still things that you don't want some of your friends or people that you know to read, it's be open but still want to be anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog!

Am I considered a stranger or friend? :p

Either way, don't stop!


sbd18 said...

hey thanks gals..i know some of u do drop by from time to time...guess ill just blog whatever and whenever possible...=)

harvey said...

Keep going - I feel the same sometimes and I'm pretty new to it. But - at the end of the day, you've started your blog 'cos you wanted to - stick at it and ROCK'N'ROLL!

Anonymous said...

Ur blog is like wine when it gets red I die

Anonymous said...

bunnie don't force yourself to write somethin' but yeah, it's a good way to keep in touch since we don't e-mail as much as we used to.