Tuesday, December 06, 2005

christmas wish list...

Although I do not celebrate Christmas (except for eating the goodies), I thought why not have a wish list up. The best thing about Christmas has to be the swapping of presents. I mean, how can anyone dislike that. Except maybe if you have cheap relatives or friends. LOL.

Anyhoo, heres my wish list for this Christmas. In no particular order that is. Anyone willing to fulfill them can always comment below and sign up. =D

1. XBOX 360
2. Mediocre Audio Setup for my MyVi
3. Titan Suspension for my MyVi
4. Sony PSP
5. Bali Trip (minimum 3 nights)
6. Norwegian Hawaiian Cruise
7. Ipod
8. Leather Upholstery for my MyVi
9. A GirlFriend (seriously, any recommendations?)
10. Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory Tour (to satisfy my choco cravings)

Sigh. The list can go on and on. Better stop if not people would think I'm greedy. Hehe.

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