Monday, December 05, 2005

food fest!!

Waddup y'all?! Just got back from Malacca with some mates. Seven of us decided to drive up in 2 cars and rent a 2 bedroom apartment for the night. From the time we arrived till we left, food was our only priority. One hellave pigout session I must add. Together we must have added about 10kilos. LOL. I think if not for having a bath, some sleep and the drinking session, we practically stuffed our faces the rest of the time. I won't be blogging on what we ate and where because its exactly same as before. No point in going somewhere new when the good shit have already been found.

This time around it wasn't as exciting as before. I think knowing what to expect spoils the fun of it. The first time we went we were new to all the foods so everything was a surprise and surpassed our hopes. Now that we knew what we were about to have, it kinds ruined it for us. We became bitchier actually. LOL. Being able to compare does have its ups and downs I guess.

Below are some pics of the trip. Time for me to hit the sack. Yaaaawn. It has been a looooooooong weekend. *Burp*

wheres the food????

cheers...nothing like a cold heiny...

cool kwai lo...sings in malay and mandarin as well...

nothing like yummy local ice cream to cap the trip...

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