Tuesday, December 27, 2005

king is back!

Woo Hoo. The Prosperity Burger is back. After a long hibernation McD has brought back the Prosperity Burger. Nice soft beef patty with black pepper sauce and onions. Just had one for lunch today. My all time favourite. Nothing so far can beat it. Thankfully the formula hasn't changed as well. The burger still taste the same since it was introduced except for maybe not being as spicy. Used to be much more peppery. Think some softies must have complained and they changed the formula. Anyways it still tastes great. Yummy!! Hopefully they don't bother to bring back the chicken version. Now that isn't much of a hoot. The meat is rather tough and the use of capsicums instead of onions isn't that great. Guess they brought it out for those that don't eat beef.

Damn thinking of the burger is making me hungry. I think I'll have one for lunch tommorrow. Can't resist the temptation. Plus it ain't gonna be around that long. Might as well gobble up while I can. LOL.

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