Friday, December 23, 2005

the movies...

Ahh after a handful of months I got to go for my movie binge again. Took Friday off to burn my annual leaves before the year end and booked 2 movies in GSC 1 Utama. First being King Kong at 1130am followed by Narnia at 330pm. King Kong is worth watching at the cinema (make sure its a THX Certified theater as well) but I'll advise to give Narnia a pass. Not worth the effort to get hold of a ticket as well as the packed theater with noisy kiddies. A DVD9 would do just fine. Anyways something striked me at the theater yesterday, its starting to smell like a freaking food joint. Damn GSC is now selling Fish N Chips, Fish Balls and god only knows what else as snacks. Jeeez. Last time it was only the smell of butter from the popcorn or boiled corn as well as an occasional McD burger/fries sneaked in. Now the cinema itself is providing all the stinky food. What a turnoff. All throughout the movie I could smell fries, tomato ketchup and god only knows what else. Sigh. Not to mention the occasional burps from satisfied tummies. Starting to really ruin the cinema experience. Wonder what they will introduce next. Nasi Lemak and Curry Mee maybe. Yuck. At least at GSC the seats are nicely spaced and spacious. So its comfortable throughout the movie.

Sitting through King Kong was one hellave experience. My bladder almost exploded. I'm one of those that can't miss a scene so going to toilet breaks is a big no no. Considering King Kong was 3 freaking hours long, you can imagine the torture. The last time I went through the same problem was when Titanic was released. Phew. I can still feel the pain. Ouch. To make things worse, GSC 1 Utama makes you take a big round before you can get back into the mall. So you can imagine the agony trying to locate a damn toilet! Next time I ain't drinking or getting a drink for any long movies. Its just not worth it.

*Yaawn* Think I better hit the sack now. Been up all day. G'night.

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