Friday, May 05, 2006

getting deported...

Sigh. Looks like I might get deported soon. To where I'm not sure but Malaysia sure ain't sure if they want me. Its been 6 months since I applied for a replacement MyKad (after it was stollen with my wallet). I've been to both PJ and Putrajaya branches. PJ tells me to head to Putrajaya while over there they tell me its under review. Review?! For 6 fucking months?! I mean I thought we were going towards the 9th Malaysian Plan. C'mon la. Plus I had my MyKad way before the deadline and last minute rush. I think I was one of the first batches when MyKad was introduced. Arrggh. Only hope when it does come out I don't have any other problems with it. Maybe I'll suddenly be Muslim or Buddhist or better still maybe a female. They seem to love doing that. Only our government can fuck up simple data entry and then expect you to pay to get it fixed. LOL. Oh Malaysia. When will you ever live up to your own dreams and aspirations.

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