Thursday, September 13, 2007

max! kitchen & wines...

On Saturday it was Sunshine's birthday and I decided to take her somewhere nice. Been reading about Max! Kitchen & Wines from multiple floggers for awhile now and decided what the heck. Made reservations (a week before) for 8.30pm but like most Malaysians only got there around 9.30pm. Thankfully Max wasn't full and we manage to get a table. We also managed to get parking right in front. ;)

I was kinda set on what to eat but Sunshine took awhile deliberating. She knew she wanted fish but Max! had about 4 odd varieties to choose from. We ended up sharing a starter which was the US Sea Scallops with a Balsamic Reduction. For mains Sunshine had the Cod cooked with Wine and Butter Bean Sauce while I went for the Shiraz Braised Wagyu Beef Cheeks with Mushroom Ragout. To end it all we shared the Crisp Kataifi Pastry with Strawberries and Coconut Ice Cream. For drinks we tried the Mango and Chocolate milkshakes.

Now for the review! :) The dinner started off with the complimentary bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I've had this before at Italiannies but didn't fancy the oil and vinegar combo much. Somehow I really loved Max!'s. Could be the hunger but his balsamic vinegar was much tastier. Sunshine however didn't fancy it but loved the bread as it was nice and soft. Both our drinks were good as well especially the chocolate milkshake. Not sure what cocoa powder they used but its really chocolicious. *droool* Wouldn't mind some right now actually. ;)

Then came the starter which was the scallops and boy were they good. Five plump scallops with a nice balsamic reduction. Fresh and yummy. Couldn't help lapping up the sauce. The grilled chilli slices were a nice touch as well. Also loved the taste of the olives. Very much different from what we usually get. I was expecting sun dried tuna loin slices as read in the menu but didn't get any. Guess its also my fault as I didn't question the waiter or Max about it. Was really interested in tasting the thinly sliced tuna loin. :(

Max! was rather busy so the mains took awhile to come. When it came both dishes looked stunning. First we dug into Sunshine's cod. It was cooked just about right and was really yummy. Love the subtle wine with butter bean sauce. It complimented the cod very well. Sunshine finished the meal with a big smile on her face. :)

Then came my Wagyu Beef Cheeks. Now I have been reading good things about this dish from multiple blogs and was really expecting something magical. Sadly it wasn't all that. The meat was tender and good but I wouldn't call it great. The sauce was just so so. Loved the mushroom variety though. Sunshine made an interesting comment that the beef tasted like something out of a can. LOL. Maybe its an acquired taste but I for one wouldn't order it again especially at RM60. I had to endure Sunshine's teasing for paying so much for canned beef. Arrgghhh.

So the mains turned out 50 50. We still decided to end the meal with a dessert. Now their dessert menu sounds really yummy but both of us didn't have space for much so we decided on sharing one. I read about their kataifi pastry thingy and went for that. When it came it looked real delish but sadly both of us didn't like it much. Somehow the kataifi pastry didn't go well with the strawberries. Would have been nicer if the pastry itself was sweetened. It felt like eating raw Weetabix. Am guessing its another acquired taste sorta dish. The coconut ice cream was also another downer. We kinda expected more (creamier/tastier) due to the price but it was rather simple. Think what we had at Baskin n Robbins was much better. I did however like the fruit salad that accompanied the dish.

All and all I don't think I'll head back to Max! Kitchen and Wines anytime soon. Don't feel that the price justifies the food. I have to admit that presentation wise he doesn't dissappoint. From the plates itself to the dishes. Everything looked stunning! Guess to have a better take I might have to visit during lunch time as I heard the set meal prices are reasonable. Oh well at least I finally got to try Max! out. Hehe. Been hearing about it one too many times already! :)

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