Sunday, September 30, 2007

getting bored...

We won. Thats the good news. A beautiful goal by Ronaldo as well. Unfortunately I can't really say much about how we are playing. Poor performance against Birmingham. To top it off we have become a real bore to watch. I miss the attacking play and flair around the midfield. I miss the confidence whenever we are near the goal mouth.

The new transfers (Nani, Andeson & Owen), suspension (Ronaldo) and injury (Neville, Rooney and Saha) have definately slowed us down. Team doesn't seem to have gelled yet. I wish Fergie would start Saha and give him time to set in. I wish Nani would also have more time on the field. Champions League game against Roma is coming up and I hope we will do well. Roma isn't a team to take lightly and after being whooped by United last year (7-1) they are definately gunning for us.

Its sad (a disgrace actually!) that we lost to Coventry last week in the League Cup. Guess the boys took things for granted and was given a bitch slap! Now the youngsters and new buys won't have a place to play competitive football. Looks like some of em' will be loaned out just to get exposure. Am missing Rossi and Smith. They sure would have given United a slight edge.

Oh well. Am sure the boys will find their momentum soon enuff. I mean at the end of the day we are still the Red Devils! :D

Glory glory Man Utd!

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