Sunday, September 16, 2007

visit from a buddy...

This weekend I had the pleasure of entertaining a long time buddy, Poopie and her fiance Dairy Boi. They came up from Singapore for a short break from their hectic lives. Good to have caught up after a really long time. Think the last time we saw each other was around a year plus ago.

Didn't really have to take them anywhere as they've been to KL before. We instead decided just to bum roam around Mid Valley Megamall and KLCC. Only request they had was to enjoy yummy food. Guess no visit to Malaysia is complete without pigging out. Hehe.

Thanks for coming over Poopie! Always a pleasure. See you next time in March for ya wedding. :D

1 comment:

poopie said...

bunnie! miss ya! thanks for taking such good care of us. DB also miss ya too heh heh