Thursday, September 20, 2007

a win is a win...

Fine we didn't play all that great. Sporting Lisbon looked like the better team. Some interesting shots by them testing Van De Sar to the limit. Sadly MU didn't create much chances but at the end of the day, a win is a win! :D

Nice goal by Ronaldo. Great cross from Wes Brown. Miss those with the absense of Gary Neville. Hope he will return soon. Am worried at the way MU is playing this season. They have scraped by with 1 nil wins but as the league progresses its not gonna be enuff. Can't be riding lady luck for too long ya know. Hope things pick up soon!

On the other hand 2 interesting news. One is that Arsenal is seriously looking like a big threat this season. They have been playing simply amazing football. Best part is they didn't spend like the others in the EPL. They even sold their star, Thierry Henry. All the investment on youngsters are really paying off. I think they will do really well this season.

Best news of all is that Jose Mourinho has left Chelsea. Can't believe it. I have a feeling its more of Abramovich who gave up on the 'special one'. Great news but sad at the same time. He has brought some character into the EPL. Love his comments. Am sure the media is gonna miss him the most. Can't sell that many papers now. Hehe.

Alrighty better get back to work. Glory glory Man Utd! :D

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