Wednesday, December 12, 2007

nasi lemak cikgu, kelana jaya...

Have been reading quite a bit about Nasi Lemak Cikgu located in Kelana Jaya. Everyone seem to be raving that its one of the best nasi lemaks in town. If am not mistaken they were also featured in one of our local dailies. Being a person who has regular nasi lemak cravings, I couldn't give this place a miss so Sunshine and I headed there last week for lunch.

Not really sure about their history but think they started from a stall in front of a field in Kelana Jaya and have since moved to a restaurant along Jalan SS5/2B. I was able to locate the place thanks to geoThrottle (our local online map service). Still took me awhile to locate though as I'm not used to the inner parts of Kelana Jaya.

When we got there around 2ish (on a Friday) it was rather empty. Surprising as I thought being popular, it would be packed. We sat down and decided to have 1 w/ Fried Chicken (RM6) and 1 w/ Squid Sambal (RM4). The plain nasi lemak cost only RM2.

When the food arrived, the smell of santan from the rice was really intoxicating. Have to admit the rice is really good and great to savour on its own. Aromatic and rich in flavor. Sadly though thats as good as it gets. The sambal tasted like chili boh (w/ ikan bilis) and both the squid and fried chicken were rather ordinary. Tasted much better elsewhere.

At the end it was a disappointing lunch. Kinda had high expectations from all the reviews but it just didn't do it for us. Have had very much better nasi lemak from various places. My favourite for now is still Nasi Lemak Kukus FAM located in front of Wisma FAM. Will try to blog about it soon. Cheers.

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