Friday, December 21, 2007

uncle lim's cafe at ikano power center...

Uncle Lim's Cafe is a new favourite of ours. This modern kopitiam chain has been around for quite some time now and I think most would have tried them before. They have a total of 4 outlets in Malaysia located in major shopping malls. This particular review is from the one at Ikano Power Center, mainly because its the nearest to my home. ;)

Uncle Lim's tagline is 'Homegrown Tastes'. Their concept is to modernize our everyday kopitiam while maintaining its old charm. Very simple decor of old school tables and stools. Its also self service whereby you order, pay, collect your drinks and find a seat. Which is good cos you save up on the 10% service charge. Funny thing is its not entirely self service as most food items get sent to you as they have to make them first.

One of the main reasons why I like Uncle Lim's is their Kopi Susu (RM2.40 hot & RM2.80 cold) accompanied with some Roti Bakar (RM1.80). Whether its hot or cold I have always liked how consistant the coffee is. Very addictive indeed especially with some crisp roti bakar (toasted over charcoal). Their kaya is very rich in coconut flavor and spread rather generously. A definate must when eating at Uncle Lim's.

Been visiting this place quite a bit so have tried everything on the menu except for the Chicken Porridge (RM7.90) and Parang Fish Cake. One of their signature dishes is Uncle Lim's Laksa (RM7.90) which is actually Johor Laksa (using spaghetti noodles). The gravy is very thick, rich and creamy. At times a little too rich as half way through you'll feel sick to your stomach.

Another favourite is their Nasi Lemak (RM7.90). You can choose either chicken or beef rendang. Have tried both and they are rich, tender and delicious but prefer the chicken more. A special thing about their nasi lemak is the sambal is made with squid and is a mix of spicy and sweet. A word of caution though as the sambal and rendang is rather oily. So those that have sensitive stomachs might want to reconsider.

They do offer 2 non local delights which are the Chicken Chop (RM7.90) and Fried Chicken Fillets w/ Fries (RM5.90). Wouldn't really come here for it but it doesn't taste all too bad. As a quick snack they have curry puff (RM1.50) and otak-otak (RM3.50). Both I would rate as average. Think Ikea's curry puff is much better.

All and all I would definately recommend Uncle Lim's Cafe. Only drawback being its always crowded (which means a long queue just to order!) and its priced slightly higher than most kopitiams. Maybe a weekend brunch sorta place. Damn am craving for some coffee and toast now. :(

Uncle Lim's Cafe
Location: LG 15 (P1), IKANO Power Centre, No. 2 Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara, in between Pos Malaysia & Bread Story.

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