Saturday, December 01, 2007


Finally after god only knows how long we got together for a game of futsal! :D

I know I know, I seem to be saying that a lot. Sadly that is how it has been. We just can't manage to ruffle up 10 boys (or even 8) for a game. We always seem to be short by 1 or 2 and we can't play 3 a side cos its just too freaking tiring. There was once not too long ago where 5 of us waited for 2 hours hoping 3 others would show up. LOL. Now that was a depressing day!

Felt good to run about. Think in the last handful of months I have gained about 2 kilos. My weight now is 85kgs and am getting worried. Not playing any sports does make a difference. My diet hasn't changed much but guess am not burning it like I used to. Previously we used to play regular futsal (weekly). Gotta admit not exercising does make you lethargic as well. :(

Recently we gained a handful of new colleagues and they play futsal. Yippie! Hope they can make it on Saturday mornings. Our biggest issue is that everyone uses the weekend for dating, loitering, church and what not. Sigh. All sorta excuses I tell you. Oh well, time to rest up. Going clubbing with the boys tonight to celebrate Siva's and $1's birthdays. Toodles folks!

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