Monday, December 10, 2007

nyonya colors @ 1U, selangor...

I've been meaning to try this place for months. Its located on the 1st floor in the Old Wing of 1 Utama Shopping Center, Bandar Utama. Its always full of patrons chowing down happily. Finally last week I got the chance to head over to Nyonya Colors for lunch.

Unlike most eateries in 1U, this place is located out in the open. The counter is in the middle while the dining tables and stools are located around the side behind it. Which is a nice touch as its out in the open but you have to contend with shoppers walking by and looking at you eat.

This place is famous for their yummy Nyonya kuihs. They have over 30 varieties priced anywhere from 70 to 90 cents. They also have some savoury snacks, hot meals and desserts to choose from. Great place for lunch or just to have a snack.

Sunshine wanted something spicy so she decided on the Dry Curry Mee (RM7.90). This is highly recommended as the gravy is aromatic, creamy and rich in flavor. Not oily as well which is a downfall of many curry mees. Quite a generous portion of yellow noodles, taufoo and chicken pieces. It would have been perfect if not for the lack of cockles or squid. Hehe.

I on the other hand wanted something light. Even before reaching there I was eyeing some Thai Mee Hoon (RM2.50), which I read was a must at Nyonya Colors. I ended up with their new addition which was the Thai Mee Hoon w/ Honey Chicken (RM7.90). Sadly I would advise to give the Honey Chicken a miss. It was just fried chicken drizzled with lots of very sweet Thai chili sauce. The bee hoon however is really good. Full of flavor with yummy onion, lemon grass and dried shrimp bits. Would definately return just for the mee hoon.

Overall the food and ambiance is really nice. Wasn't too excited with the drinks though as its rather overpriced. Would prefer they lower it considering the food is already quite pricy. Next trip am planning to try their Nyonya kuihs. So many to choose from and they all look so sinfully delicious!

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