Tuesday, December 04, 2007

to cane or not to cane...

Recently there have been a lot of debate about caning female students as a punishment. All this because of a proposal passed during an Education Seminar on Discipline. Is this something that should or should not be allowed? Now I personally don't see what is wrong in caning girls.

Firstly I always believed there shouldn't be any bias. Yes many would say its different being a girl or a boy but to be honest, gone were the days that only boys were naughty. Girls are just as bad if not worse. Am sure many of you have seen the multiple videos on You Tube of female violence. On top of that for them to get canned, they would have done something on par with what the boys did. For example bullying, drugs, fighting, extortion, theft and so on. That itself should be enough justification.

There can't be two ways about disciplining. Punishments should be metted out according to the crime done, like our common law. I feel nowadays schools have gone soft and avoid corporal punishment altogether. Sadly that doesn't work when it comes to major discipline issues. If there is no fear in the students, they would definately act out however they want because at the end of the day they would just be 'counselled'.

I'm all for caning female students and I hope the Cabinet passes it when it gets tabled. Crime in Malaysia is already getting out of hand and we have to start somewhere!

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Anonymous said...

I agree if a boy and a girl both get caught doing the same misdemeanor,they should both be punished exactly the same.If the boy gets 3,4 or 6 cuts of the cane across his backside so should the girl.Girls these days smoke do drugs are a lot more violent and are often the cause of the trouble anyway.