Wednesday, December 26, 2007

year end...

Boy time surely flies! Roughly a week from now and we will be ushering in 2008. It seemed like only months ago we celebrated New Years. As usual towards the end of every year I start to reflect on the resolutions made previously. Sadly though only managed to accomplish one of em'.

1. Buy a house (really need to get one this year!)
Another year gone by and yet to have found a house. Sigh. Not an easy process especially with the budget and requirements I have. Hopefully 2008 will be more fruitful. If possible maybe the prices will drop!

2. Go for a beach holiday (preferably a long one)
This was something easy to do. Hehe. Had a wonderful time with Sunshine in Pangkor. Hope to have another outing this coming year. Maybe overseas. ;)

3. Lose more weight (still wanna reach my goal of 76kgs)
This is like a daily challenge for me. Weight has always been an issue. I did manage to lose quite a bit towards mid year (close to 78kgs) but somehow gained it all back (and then some) during Deepavali. Now I'm 85kgs! Arrggghh. :(

4. Get a better job (work is getting too routine plus i need more money!)
Sadly the money part hasn't happened yet. I have however adopted another account which is interesting but am still hoping for more challenge. Our department is suppose to be growing quite a bit in 2008 so am hoping some changes for me. Wish me luck!

Sigh only a 25% success rate. Bad bad bad. Haven't really thought of any new resolutions for 2008 but am sure something will crop up as we usher 2008 in. Will post about that later on I guess.

You guys have a good New Years aight! :D

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