Tuesday, September 16, 2008

music head...

My aunty from US came visiting again. This time around she brought 2 yummy toys for me. Hehe. First up is the brand spanking new Apple Ipod Nano. To be exact its the shiny purple 8GB version (USD149).

To be honest am not really a fan of Apple. Would rather spend less and get a Sony or Creative MP3 player but since my aunty was springing for it I thought what the heck! ;) Although I did overhear my dad saying he'll pay for it. Hmmm...

This newer Nano variety has some new techno enhancements like the accelerometer which allows the gadget to shuffle songs when shaken or switch between portrait and landscape display modes. Also comes with 'Genius' which automatically creates playlists based on a selected song using an algorithm built by Apple. Not sure how 'smart' it can be but interesting idea I guess.

The design is also much nicer. It has a curved aluminum shell and glass screen. Supposedly its "the most environmentally friendly iPod [Apple] has ever made", containing arsenic-free glass and a BFR-, mercury-, and PVC-free design. It is also claimed to be highly recyclable. Doubt that really matter though. LOL.

All and all its a pretty nifty toy. I like the touch rotating pad as well as the crystal clear screen. Would prefer better earbuds though but I guess I can get some 3rd party ones. Now I gotta look for a suitable casing so that I can maintain the shiny metallic shell. If not it will be scarred in no time.

Guess I'll be chillin' with some cool tunes for awhile. ;)

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