Monday, September 29, 2008

kate unleashed!

This has been looong time coming. Got the Kate back after the final mods and tuning almost 3 weeks ago. Been too busy to give a writeup on my baby. Not to mention not much time to drive her around.

First up lets see what the gains are. With a boost of 0.5, the HP is at 109.8 @ 5420rpms on wheel. Not as high as I would like it to be as he managed 125whp with an auto Myvi, but he said it was hard getting the right fuel ratio to match so I won't run too lean. Least its still about 40% improvement or so. How about the torque you say? Well Kate managed to hit 160nm @ 4000rpms. Yup not bad at all. Same thing that crossed my mind. :D

Now numbers are one thing but how is the ride that matters right? Well the day I picked Kate up I couldn't really give her a run. Good ole Murphy's Law kicked in and it was raining cats and dogs. LOL. I finally got to test her out about 2 or 3 days after. Decided to go for a run during my lunch time. ;)

Performance wise I can now feel the pull of the added torque. 1st and 2nd gears don't really give that much of a thrill but 3rd onwards is a real joy. I managed to hit 180kph from 120kph on 5th gear. Previously the car would be struggling to climb in 5th and I would never hit anything past 160kph. As expected there is a lag in 1st and 2nd but that doesn't mean no gains. My old man was the one who commented that its much torquer in 1st and 2nd now. He uses it to hit the sundry shop once in awhile and noticed the difference immediately. Considering hes used to driving his Civic 2.0 I would take that as a compliment. Hehe.

Besides the bolt on turbo. the new suspension is also money well spent. Myvi's stock was stiff and very bouncy while now its as stiff but more secure and doesn't bounce around. The rebound is just about right. Even tried it with 4 heavy adults and it doesn't bottom out. Lowering it to 2 fingers also helps reduce the center of gravity and improve the overall handling. Feel more confident now especially with the added power. Sweeet.

Thats all for now folks. Toodles!

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