Wednesday, September 10, 2008

what luck...

Boy what luck I tell ya! As you are aware I was off for a road trip to Cherating over the weekend with Sunshine and Kate. It was Kate's first long drive after the transformation. Everything was perfect till we got back Monday. I had just dropped Sunshine home when my AC seemed dead. Only warm air came out. I found that puzzling and thought maybe it needed some gas.

Didn't think much of it as I was so freakin' tired till I reached towards my home and the damn car was heating up! The needle was all the way to the top. At home I popped the hood and found out the radiator had been drained clean. It was leaking somewhere but all I could think of was how thankful I am that it happened when I was back in Klang Valley.

Imagine it happening while in Pahang or Terengganu?! Who the hell is gonna help me out then? LOL. Now that would have been some serious arseluck! Oh well, Kate is now back at the shop. Turns out a hose clip was loose, so at a certain temp it'll start to leak.

On a plus note is that I told Jeffrey to go ahead and change the suspension and set the boost to 0.5. Will give a better writeup of the gains and ride when I have more time on my hands. Cheerio folks!

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