Monday, September 01, 2008

turbo kate...

I step into Kate and I see something at the corner of my eye. Anticipation builds. After a month plus I finally got my baby back. Hmmm was it worth the time and money? Then again if it wasn't, least I got a fancy gadget to look at. LOL.

Before I start her uo I head in front and pop the hood. Curious to see the final outcome. Daaamn! After 4 odd years of itching for this I finally have a turbo setup. Beautifully done piping and intercooler all in place. Real fine job by Jeffrey. Nice and clean. A real sight to behold I tell ya. ;)

Now I can't wait to get in and start her up. Before I could ask, Jeffrey says lets go for a spin but alas Murphy's law kicks in. It starts raining cats and dogs. Arrrggghhh. Why does it have to rain on the day I pick Kate up?! Dammit!

Unfazed I started Kate up and went for a spin. Sadly though I wasn't able to test her out. Jeffrey advised that it was only at 0.3 bar as my suspension wasn't safe enuff to boost more. No worries though as I was pushing 103whp. Thats like 30 odd percent increase!

Now am back home waiting patiently. Still raining mad outside. Can't wait for a clear day so I can take Kate out for a proper spin. :D

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