Thursday, September 18, 2008

ready to navigate?

Most of you guys should be aware that I've been looking for a cheap GPS unit for awhile now. Even wanted to get a China made one (RM300 odd) but heard lots of problems with it. Then Sony Ericsson came up with a new phon with built in GPS but heard its via the Internet so thats gonna take up lots of money as well time just to load up.

I started mulling it over and decided why not just spend and get something good and solid. So I researched on Gophers. Sounded alright for RM888 you get it preloaded with maps of Malaysia and Singapore. Furthermore its Msian so after sales 'should' be good. Then I recalled that my aunty from US was visiting soon. I checked online and surprisingly you can get a Garmin (who are the gurus of portable GPS units) unit for around USD150 and above. Thats not bad, even cheaper than the local made ones!

So now am roaming around with a Garmin nuvi 205w. Pretty cool stuff I tell ya! Manage to download a free Malaysia and Singapore map from MalsingMaps. Headed down the road and got it set up. Needed an open space for the first setup process to lock on to the satellites. After that it was smooth sailing.

Tommorrow am heading to Port Dickson for some prayers. Gonna give this baby a go and see how she fares. Heard the maps are really detailed so am eager to try it out. Gotta say its worth every penny. Great for when getting around Kuala Lumpur. Those of you who know me should know how bad I am with KL. :(

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poopie said...

hey hey with singapore gps you can come and visit us with a little more ease and know how to go to other places BESIDES geylang ;)