Wednesday, November 02, 2005

bandito pockett SUX...

What utter crap!! I just managed to get my hands on a KFC Bandito Pockett. KFC's answer to McD's Foldover (which is simply superb I must add). Sadly KFC fucked up yet again. Whomever that came up with the concept screwed up just like the KFC Curry Crunch. The pineapple salsa thingy is just not working folks. The Bandito Pockett is a hot & spicy 100 percent chicken fillet topped with pineapple salsa sauce, lettuce and mayonnaise, and specially wrapped in a tortilla flatbread into a handy little pocket. Now the idea sounds great, but don't be fooled. The pineapple salsa has this weird sweet taste which doesn't jive with the whole meal. I think I'll stick to the Foldover which never seem to fail except that now they are charging an extra 50 cents for more sauce. Damn these thieves. Daylight robbery I tell ya. Not like they pour a whole bucked of sauce or something for you. Just a lil dab extra and they want more money!

Anyhoo I just wanted to bitch about KFC's new product. Yet another screw up by them. I think they need to revamp their whole R&D team. Hire some people who actually know about food for once. Its been a long while since they came up with something new and original which actually sells. If I'm not mistaken it was the Zinger burger. Oh well, good luck KFC and to the rest of you, STAY AWAY FROM THE BANDITO POCKETT!!

You've been warned. Toodles.

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