Friday, November 11, 2005

its been 2 years...

Wow time sure flies. Two years ago this day was when I joined my present company. Lots of changes have gone by and I'm still here under the same roof. Made many friends (some of whom have left) as well as a few enemies (can't really avoid them can i?). I am greatful to have gotten a job in this company as well as the progress I have made. I can't really complain much. People who know my history in this company would slap me even if I did. Lets just say I got on the right train and still haven't gotten off. Its interesting to see how things can change within 2 years but even better still is when some things NEVER change at all. Like how one of my mates put it, same shit different toilet. I know I know its a disgusting corelation but its spot on I tell ya.

I've learned alot of things in these past 2 years. Gained hellave alot from my colleagues, managers, customers and even the mamak stall people outside or the numerous places we go for our lunch and dinner. Mostly useful stuff but an occasional crap here and there. After all we tend to learn better from fuck ups right, whether it be ours or others. The thing that I find interesting is that even though I should be happy with what I have achieved so far, from time to time I'm not. Maybe its because I'm bored of what I do or maybe because there isn't any challenge anymore. It could just be time to move on to a different role with different hurdles. Then again there are times I don't want anything to change and get pissed when they do. Sigh. Will there ever be a balance? Or a sense of satisfaction? I guess not since that would make life rather dull.

Anyways I didn't mean to purge, just wanted to mention that its my 2nd year not only in this company but under the same project. To all that are in the same boat, Happy Anniversary and looking forward to more years to come. =)

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