Tuesday, November 15, 2005

identity card...

Finally after 2 weeks since my wallet got stolen I managed to get my temporary identity card (IC). The whole freaking process took 4 hours! We reached Putrajaya around 1030am, got my number and by the time my number was called it was around 1230pm. Then after taking the pic I was done around 1pm but I had to get my temporary IC notorized. Just as expected my arse luck kicked in, damn department that notorizes are closed for lunch from 1pm to 2pm. So I had to waste my time hanging about at the cafeteria till they opened again. Can you imagine it took them about 30 minutes just to notorize my freaking temp IC. Jeeeez. Talk about speedy service. Wasted the whole day at the JPN office. Sigh. At least I got it done I guess. Supposedly Putrajaya is supposed to be the fastest way to get your IC but not anymore. I think people found out and now the place is packed just like the PJ or KL branches.

Luckily I had my mate with me to pass the time. Even he was shocked at the queue because previously when he brought other people there, things were done within 30 minutes or so, 1 hour the most. Hmmm maybe it was just my arse luck. During the whole 4 hours, we were the only ones fooling about. The rest were all so glum and pissed. I mean I know its long and tiring but at least make the best of it la. We had tonnes of weird stares and I'm sure some nasty comments but screw it. I would say it was an eventful day because at the end I still got my temporary IC and soon (well within 2 months or so i think) my official MyKad.

I am however still dissappointed on how slow it is to just make an identity card. Things like these should be done with ease. How can they expect people to spend a whole freaking day just to get their ICs done?! In the US when I had to get my State ID or Driving License, the max it took was about 20 minutes. I understand an hour but 4 freaking hours is too much especially with this day and age of information technology. Sigh. I wonder when things would catch up or at least the services would improve. Soon I have to go to JPJ and get my driving license. I hope that journey isn't gonna require a whole day. I'm running out of leaves to take!! =(


poopie said...

yay bunnie finally has identity again! gosh red tape sucks.

a. said...

I love your cursor! : ) can you send me the code,bubu?
It's whopping 20s degree in chicago!! the winter is finally here.