Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Why oh why are Malaysians such cheapskates?? I mean I'm sure its not just in Malaysia but I've been to a handful of countries and still feel we have about the cheapest people you can find (besides Singapore that is *wink*). People here don't seem to pass up anything that is free. Even if they don't freaking need it. I see this happening almost daily. In the supermarkets you see people actually lining up for free samples. Some to the extent of cutting line, pushing or using their children to grab more. I mean come on la people. Are we that poor a country or is there a famine going on which I wasn't aware about? This is not Somalia or North Korea. They have a justified reason.

Then we have the monkeys who haunt Open Houses during the festive season. These people have made it an art form I tell ya. Some even have the gall to bring their own tupperwares and what not to tah pao (doggie bag) as well as their maids to do the dirty/humiliating work. Imagine that these monkeys we are talking about are actually educated (to a certain extent that is), have a good paying job and most probably with multiple cars, a maid (or two) and a huge bungalow (not counting the 2 condos that they are renting out as well as their holiday home in Langkawi or Port Dickson). Yet they don't mind braving the traffic and cramped up with 100s of other cheapskates just to get some food which is most probably better at our neighbourhood mamaks/stalls. Its most probably cheaper as well to buy the food considering the petrol and time wasted at these open houses. If it was up to me, I rather they spend the money on these lavish open houses to feed the really poor and malnurished people of the world.

One thing for sure is how THICK these freeloaders must be. No sign of shyness or embarassment. Some are even proud of their takings. Jeeez. I mean I know getting something free is always good, but only take it when you need it. Not take it for the sake of it because at the end of the day its gonna be tossed in the garbage. Oh well, sorry for just rambling on. Just wanted to let it out as I've seen it happen recently and felt rather disgusted by it.

*Yaaawn* I think I'll hit the sack now. Its rather late and I'm starting to see stars. Toodles folks!

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