Thursday, November 10, 2005

whoopie a badge!

Did you guys catch the papers the other day? About our great police force and their campaign to stop bribery/graft. I must say the commitee that came up with it must be some exceptional people. I wonder how many curry puffs, kuih lapis and mee goreng were consumed to come down to this remarkable solution. What the fuck were they thinking?! OMG. Wear a freaking badge as a cure against bribery?! Wow I'm sure this is gonna be one hellave campaign. Its worse than our Tak Nak campaign. And we all remember how successful that was. I see more smokers now than before! I guess those screwed up ads on the telly, papers and billboards were too much to handle. Got people all stressed out and shit and you know what happens when people get stressed out right. Light up a stupid ciggy and puff their life away.

So I guess these badges must have some secret powers. Whenever a cop accepts a bribe, do they shit in their pants? Or better still, maybe they turn inside out? Now that would be something worth seeing. C'mon la people. Wearing a fucking badge is not gonna stop bribery. Its not even going to make a dent into the whole issue. Its just a BADGE!! The cops wear a police badge don't they? Do you see them upholding the peace and safety? I've had friends who came from abroad and never saw a cop for their whole stay here. And I'm talking about a weeks stay or more. That itself is a testament of how screwed up things are here. All of them are too busy wolfing down curry puffs and drinking tea in their nice air conditioned rooms.

There is a much bigger issue here than bribery and wearing a damn badge. We should start with some control and ultimatums. If the cops actually DO THEIR WORK, I am sure we won't have to worry about bribery/graft. Its sad that I do not feel safe in my country anymore. At certain times we can actually be compared to countries like Somalia and Indonesia where crime is rampant. You can get robbed right outside your front door or have thieves have the cheek to lock you in your own house while they strip your car apart. Sigh.

If badges really did work, we would have stopped the spread of AIDS, eradicate drugs and last but not least, actually have world peace...

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