Monday, January 23, 2006

espn party...

What an interesting night I had yesterday. The day started off with a trip to the wet market to get our monthly supply of mutton. After that I just bummed at home playing with my niece, reading the dailies and watching the telly. At around 7pm calls were made. We had planned to catch the ESPN EPL Party in Souled Out and we had to get our butts there early before the crowd gets in. This was something we couldn't miss mainly because there was an important game at midnite. Yup you guessed it, Manchester United vs. Liverpool!

After all the calls were made, we managed to reach Souled Out at 8pm which was pretty early since the party only starts at 845pm. Sadly when we got there the place was fully booked. No one was actually there to fill the seats but all tables were booked. We were annoyed as we didn't think reservations were allowed considering the invitation fliers stated gates were to open at 845pm. Anyways we chilled at the bar in hopes of getting a table. Shortly after we ordered our drinks, a table came up free. Best part it was right next to the projector. Which means we had a perfect view of the screen. Woo Hoo! No complaints there. After about 30 minutes or so more people started filling the seats. Before we knew it Souled Out was packed with MU and Liverpool jerseys. Our luck we sat right next to a table of the Liverpool FC Fan Club and boy were they noisy. What made things worse was that the fucked up host (a dumbass comedian called Sheikh Haikal) was also a Liverpool fan and I felt his performance was rather biased. They need to get someone more open so that the fans can go at it. Not the damn host! Anyhoo the night dragged on with the first game between Chelsea and Charlton. Since both MU and Liverpool wanted to reach the top of the league, obviously we were all cheering for the same team, Charlton! The game ended in a draw which ended Chelsea's winning run. Great news for both teams who were about to kick off.

At midnite the game kicked off and everyone were glued to the screen. The game was pretty hot. Liverpool seemed to shine more in the 1st half and it was pretty evident that MU were missing their ailing midfielders (Smith, Ronaldo & Scholes) badly. Surprisingly we came back strong in the 2nd half. Much better chances and more possession. The game looked like it was destined for a draw when a minute into injury time Rio Ferdinand headed a wonderful ball from Giggs. You should have been in Souled Out. On one side all the MU fans were screaming their heads off (I even had beer spilled down my pants from Rio's goal. LOL. Someone hit our table and knocked my beer mug over) and on the other side the Liverpool fans were dead silent. A big contrast from before the goal when they had the host on their side and they were shouting away. You could practically hear a pin drop if needed. LOL. It was a great SLAP in the face. A couple of minutes went by and the final whistle was blown. Woo Hoo, the Red Devils did it again! It was a thrilling game.

After everything cooled down, we settled our tab and headed to a nearby mamak for some Roti Bakar and tea. Spent about 30 odd minutes and headed home. Pretty tiring and my throat was sore from all the screaming plus the sore throat I was still recovering from. Reached home around 330am and after washing up I hit the sack. Been awhile since I had this much fun watching a game. Hopefully ESPN will have more of these and this time I'll make sure I make reservations! =)

wes brown celebrating with rio after the winning header...

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