Sunday, January 15, 2006

most fun i had in awhile...

Wow what a long day yesterday was but it was one with the most fun I've had in days. Started off around 12ish with a lunch buffet for the project I'm working under. We were celebrating our 2nd anniversary and decided on Crown Princess Hotel for their Hi Tea Extravaganza. Supposedly the longest buffet line in Malaysia (running between 2 restaurants). The food there was not bad especially for the price. Lots of good variety and tasty as well. The interesting thing was, my favourite there was Roti Bakar (toast with Kaya). I know it can be found in our local mamaks but this was cooked under charcoal and the Kaya was really tasty. Plus the bread their using is not the common type bought off the shelves. Yummy! Wish I could have some now...

Anyhoo after lunch we headed to Hard Rock Cafe for some drinks. Thought it would be relatively cheap since its Happy Hour but sadly their Happy Hour prices are actually normal prices anywhere else. Since we were already there we just sat through until Happy Hour ended at 6pm. Before we knew it we had finished off about 10 jugs. Once Happy Hour ended we were outta there and decided to head to Bangsar to continue our party. We ended up in Absolute, which I have to say is a sad joint. One of our colleagues said he had a contact there so we decided why not. The place was okie but I wouldn't really pay cover charge to get in. Plus there wasn't really any contact! Anyways time just flew when we were there. The crowd was so so. Not that many cute ladies. We ended the party around 2am when the club closed. Even skipped dinner.
All we shared was a plate of chilli fried ikan bilis and sausages. We polished off about 3 bottles of JD and a jug of Long Island Tea (between 5 of us). Phew. Luckily we were all still stable. No one puked and no unwanted scenes. Finally ended up on my bed around 4am. Knocked out till about 2pm today.

Been awhile since I drank that much. And to imagine I had a resolution to not drink so much. LOL. Hellave start to the new year huh. Surpringly when I got up this afternoon, did not have a hangover. Stomach felt fine as well. Usually my stomach would be all screwed. Guess I should count my lucky stars. I gotta admit it was a great night. Been awhile since I've been out from lunch time all the way past midnight to the next morning. I think I'm feeling the age la. Can't be doing this often. Maybe once in a blue moon.

Anyways I gotta head out now to K2OC's AGM. Would be my last day as a committee member. Hope it'll be a good turnout. Toodles.

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