Sunday, January 01, 2006

happy new year...

Happy New Year folks!! Time sure flies doesn't it. Another year just went past in a flash. Hope all of you out there managed to have a great time ushering 2006. Just like the year before some of us decided that we ain't gonna brave through the crowds, cover charges, parking and traffic jams just to see some crappy fireworks, drink watered down beer/liquor and fight with other revelers.

The plan was to group at my house to party on the 'Pondok' (patio thingy my parents build for outdoor gatherings). About 8 of us. Liquors (2 whiskey and 1 vodka), mixers and snacks (peanuts, chips and what not) were bought plus 100 sticks of yummy satay were shipped in (from Subang that is). The gig got started around 1130pm due to some communication and timing breakdown. Sadly something quite typical from my group of friends. Anyways we managed to start before the year ended and we ushered in 2006 with cheers of whiskey and vodka! Now who could have asked for anything more. The night went on till about 630am where everyone were getting tired/sleepy. We managed to finish up 2 bottles and left about 1/4 of another. Before we capped the night, we headed down to SS2 for some lovely Dim Sum. Filled our tummies and we headed home.

It was a nice night. No crowd or noise to contend with. We didn't really miss out on fireworks too since around my neighbourhood there were fireworks were being lighted all round. Another hightlight was one of my mates brought along his friend's Teacup Poodle puppy and he was the cutest thing. Small lil fella, no bigger than 5 inches. He was about 3 weeks old or so. Made me wanna have a dog again. Sigh. Sadly my parents don't share the same thought and its their house. So obviously its a big no no. Need to try and poison my niece to bug his dad (my bro). Then maybe I'll get a chance. We'll see.

I guess thats all for now. My first post of 2006. Happy New Year everyone and hope you have a good year ahead. Cheers!!

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