Sunday, January 29, 2006


Damn dem firecrackers. Woke me up from my deep slumber. Arrgghh. Cracking and booming here and there. Some joker near my place got hold of some real loud ones and have been firing them up every now and then. Jerk. This is gonna go on for another 3 days at least. Sigh. Our great cops claims they have a crackdown on firecrackers but I don't seem to be seeing it. Its been going off for long periods. If only they would get off their fat asses (not forgetting cosy air conditioned rooms) and drive around, I guarentee they would catch at least ONE!

Its weird though. Before firecrackers were banned, my family would religiously play them every Chinese New Year. We would get all sorts and spend more than a hundred bucks on em'. My bro and I would actually look forward to it and we would even spend our own allowance to double up our supple. LOL. Ever since the ban, for the first few years it was ok, but now I get really irritated with all these jokers going about blasting away. I kind of understand the reason for banning em' since they make such a racket and nowadays the firecrackers are close to being grenades. The amount of force they have is amazing. Plus you have all these idiots thinking they are firearm experts making home made bamboo bombs and what not. At the end they lose their arm/leg or even their lives. Some cause damage by throwing them in other peoples houses. Blowing up stuff. Damn fools.

I guess you can never get rid of firecrackers. Firstly they have been in our culture for years. Then you have all the smugglers bringing it in like its candy. We can't even eradicate pirated CDs so I doubt we'll ever get rid of fireworks. Although they are 2 different things. One is illegal music while the other can actually take a life of a person. Oh well, hope our cops will be more active in catching these perps. Then only can I have some good sleep instead of thinking we are going to war.

Think I'll try to hit the sack again. Its gotten quiet outside. Hope this keeps up. Take care folks and enjoy the long break. Cheerio.

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aprilcherrie said...

hahaha... i oso heard those firecracker... :p